Arc the Lad - Season 1 Episode 3

Arc the Lad
1x03 Season 1 Episode 3

Status: Ended

Released: 1999

IMDB Rating: 5.8

Genres: Action Animation Anime Adventure

For years, a clandestine organization known as White House has experimented in transforming adults and children into mutants known as Chimeras. Young Elk, master of the spirit of flame, has managed to escape and transform himself into an up-and-coming member of the Hunter's Guild, tracking down targets for money. Following a hunt involving a crazed hijacker on the run from White House, Elk meets Lieza, herself an escapee from a village attacked by White House and master of the docile dog-monster Pandit. Following the incident, Elk devotes himself to uncovering the motive behind it, and exacting revenge on the rouge known as Arc, who ostensibly led the attack on Elk's village and killed the young man's parents.
Stars: Steve Blum, Brianne Brozey, Michelle Ruff, Melissa Fahn, Barbara Goodson, Steve Kramer, Paul St. Peter, Doug Stone, Kirk Thornton.

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