Olvidarte Jamas - Episode 18

Olvidarte Jamas
1x18 Episode 18

Released: 2013

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Genres: Soap

“Always on My Mind,” which is known as “Olvidarte Jamás” in Spanish, is a 2005 telenova that originally aired for 118 episodes on Univision in the United States. A woman lost her youth and innocence to a wealthy family and has been waiting 20 years for the perfect opportunity to get even. When Luisa Dominguez (Sonya Smith) was a teen peasant working on the ranch owned by Don Gregorio Montero (Guillermo Murray), she was seduced by the owner’s son, Gonzalo Montero (Sebastián Ligarde), and became pregnant. But she lost the baby at the hands of Gonzalo’s angry wife, Gladis (Karen Sentíes), who violently beat Luisa in a jealous rage. Years later, Luisa has grown into a beautiful, rich and confident woman who has changed her identity to Victoria Salinas. With her adopted daughter, Carolina (Mariana Torres), Victoria returns to the Montero ranch to seek vengeance on the family that caused her so much pain in her youth. But Victoria’s plans get complicated when she falls in love with a neighbor, Diego Ibarra (Gabriel Porras), and her daughter falls in love with Alejandro Montero (Daniel Elbitar), Gonzalo’s son. Will Victoria be able to carry out her plans for revenge or will her heart get in the way?

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