Yami Shibai - If You Want to See Ghosts

Yami Shibai
5x09 If You Want to See Ghosts

Estado: Emitiendo actualmente

Año: 2013

IMDB Rating: 6.4

Género: Anime

Mai, a college student who loves to gossip is sitting on the bench with her friend, Miki. Miki tells her she has seen a ghost, to which Mai is amazed. She asks if she believes in ghosts, and Mai expresses her doubts. Miki then decides to show her by telling her to look into her eyes. Confused, Mai looks into Miki's eyes, and is startled to see, in the reflection, the white outline of a person behind her. When Mai turns around, nothing is there. Miki tells her she has been able to see ghosts ever since someone showed her which means Mai can now see them probably. She asks Mai not to tell anyone since her friend told her about it, but she hasn't heard from her since. She suddenly starts to become worried, but tells a questioning Mai not to worry, and yet... Mai suddenly realizes her seminar is starting, prompting her to leave. When Miki begs her not to leave, Mai tells her she'll see her tomorrow. When Mai arrives, she suddenly can now see the spectral outlines of people around the students. When her friends ask if something's up, Mai tells her her secret and gives them the warning to not tell anyone. Suddenly Mai sees the outlines are changing color from white to red and they advance toward her. Terrified, she runs out of the school with more and more ghosts giving chase. She runs to Miki's house for help, but instead finds her dead with her eyes missing. She then realizes what Miki told her and now she'd just doomed her friends to suffer the same fate if they tell anyone as well. The last thing she sees is a pair of red ghostly hands reaching for her eyes, along with hearing multiple voices sharing the secret and asking not to tell anyone else.

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